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Lost Pieces of Love


I dreamed of it. We flew down a slope (this was definitely a dream) to come crashing together at the end high on the adrenaline rush of accomplishment, and I saw what he found beautiful.
(this was definitely a dream)

We played a very successful game of chicken with each other and won, moving on past each other in opposite directions, toward people with whom we could both crash blindly into and fall to pieces on the floor, putting ourselves back together again, a piece here, a piece there, you, her, you, her, wherever they'd fit (and oh so well), and I was not the one with the last piece of the puzzle.

I have my own puzzle. Perhaps he looked through the pieces and wished but I'm not one to share. I'm not sure I have all the pieces - that's a disappointment I wouldn't bring on anyone. This puzzle came used and people have a tendency to give them away when they've lost something.

There are only a few creative types who can fill in the hole with a piece all their own. So I'm not completely to blame here - perhaps he didn't have that spark. And perhaps I wasn't the one to ignite it.

They will fly down the slopes of Tahoe and I'm sick with thoughts of soft powder in her hair and shared beauty and the beginning of a new year.

dori mondon



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