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I was very young

He was very famous.
Our meeting was something out of a movie: I had been to a concert of his and as I was leaving the Civic Center (quite some time after the concert ended, as I recall), I spotted him standing on the sidewalk downtown.

He was lost and abandoned.

I'm not sure when I first realized it was happening, but we became very close. Eventually, he would call my house, and when I wasn't there he would talk to my mother for hours.

Of course, I adored him. Just imagine.

Certainly, it was very exciting, meeting after concerts and staying in nice hotels and having breakfast with him the next morning. He always treated me very well. The whole band treated me well, in fact. None of the horror stories you hear about rock stars going nuts and tearing up rooms. He didn't drink or do drugs, which helped enormously.

One year, I surprised him by driving to Atlanta, and worked my way right up to the front of the stage while he was singing. When he spotted me, he suddenly forgot his lyrics and cracked up laughing.

I remember that vividly, for some reason.

I was always very low key about it, figuring no one would believe me if I told them anyway, and feeling like I had a wonderful secret. I wouldn't even let anyone take a picture of us together.

Once, though, when I was working in a restaurant, I brought him in and we sat down at the bar to have dinner. Funny -- people's reactions on that one.

I became very popular suddenly, which is just the type of false crap I was trying to avoid.

I can hardly think of all the years that have passed since then. It's a nice memory.

It's funny to me that I don't own any of his music anymore...

kris kendrick



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