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Never Left After the Kiss


There I was standing in a wave of bodies that were drinking and dancing in celebration of Pride Weekend in Minneapolis.

Everyone I met was drunk either on alcohol or on their happiness about the weekend. I was closely following my friends, trying to avoid getting lost in the chaotic scene.

Before reaching the next set of hallways, some kind of strong force stopped me from walking any further. A force that pulled me back to search for something that would fulfill the curiosity growing with every step.

I slowly walked to the dance floor, looking in all directions in hopes to find whatever it was that had brought me back, expecting to see nothing but the busy, overcrowded bar. It was then, through a thick mass of people milling by, scurrying every which way, that I saw her.

Her eyes made me catch my breath. Her beauty flushed through my veins and entangled my heart and soul. From that point, there was no stopping me from getting to know who she was.

I watched her every move. The way she walked, smiled, and talked with her friends made my heart pound.

To my surprise, she knew Mary, who was dating my best friend at the time. I approached Mary and asked her about her friend. I found out her name was Nicole and that she was single. The information I received made me giggle.

Was it nervousness that I felt in knowing that there was no turning around now -- that I had to approach her? Or was it a happiness that someone could make me feel like this without even speaking to me?

Not knowing the answer or even caring what it was, I slowly walked up to her and introduced myself.

Her voice alone matched the beauty I saw in her. A voice that rang in my ears singing melodies that could cure all broken, lonely, and lovesick hearts.

After talking for awhile, we somehow made our way to the dance floor. At first, there was a generous amount of space between us ... the nervousness I felt probably showed in my dancing. As the night went on, the sweat dripped down my back from dancing and laughing. I never wanted the night to end.

I never wanted Nicole to leave my sight.

Like Cinderella's clock striking midnight, though, the lights at the club came up and I watched Nicole make her way to the front to find her friends. I knew I couldn't end the night there. I knew I had to see her again.

To my dismay, it was too late. She'd left and was nowhere to be found.

Fortunately, through the connection Mary had with Nicole, I saw her again on the Fourth of July. It was on that night that Nicole and I first kissed. I'll tell you one thing, I've never experienced such an amazing show of fireworks than I did that night.

Funny thing is, we didn't even leave the house.


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